Wednesday, December 15, 2010

tops google search list in m'sia

according to report release by google, the year's bigger search item on google among malaysia was proton inspira. not even ipad and fifa world cup 2010 come close to the hype generated which was launched on 14th.oct.. wOw.. it's so cool.that's mean proton inspira became dream of malaysian.
the fasters rising searches 2010 also showed interested by malaysian for the indonesian drama "benci bilang cinta". besides, the fasters rising person on google was Maher Zain, a swedish singer and music producer. Statistics on google show that The Star remains the preferred choice for news, coming up top in google search list.daaa~ thats all infomation about top google search list in malaysia 2010..what are you did or done via internet always monitored by someone,so watch out!!! ok..

credit to The Star :)

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