Monday, October 31, 2011

Updated store, Memory to draw

today is monday,, haha everybody know it and I have to wake up early morning to updated my store home..
err., disgusting anywhere I had done it for 3 hours and break for 20 minutes,, 
as usual when you take out all your things and staff it will brings you to 10 years ago.. the memory comes back to you..
I've found my files when I'm was primary school 10 years ago.. and I gonna miss that memories,..
my report card when I'm in form 3.. haha I laugh lonely,, I saw many red ink in my report card, shows hOw noob am I.
but now not anymore, now I'm UiTM student okey...
I want to throw it into bin but my dad sad, "no, you can show to your children as a history of your life"..
haha my dad expert in history.. he is always talk about history, memory,, arghhh I hate it..
btw I saved the files into another box.. ( for my future children) hahaha..

so many things and memory that I want to share with you but not now okey.. it will be soon...
based on my mood to share it.. haha

this is a famous cartoon when I was young,
one more things : I've join Nasyid team when I was 9 years old.. hahaha

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  1. kenangan yang lepas sangat manis bile terkenang semula mase zaman sekolah renadah is the best zaman lah !


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