Saturday, December 11, 2010


so, many students proud with their exam result.. yeah!! that exactly and should be proud of our effort right??
many colours of result and feast of flavor when faces the result.. congrates to you ouLs. My sis always remind me that result you've got in sem one is just not longer term if u get negligent after u've got the best result. The best result can be two elements good and bad to you. The good element is it afford motivate ourselves to get better for next time.but the another element is bad because it can bring you far away from your real goals. Thats means you'll neglectful in your own success although the result you've got only for one sem for your study,but remember you got another 5 sem to undergo your journey as student unless you will be a loser. rememberREMEMBER and remember my fwend.. The same goes to me also. To my dearest fwends I'll always with you.. nanty kite study same2 k to get better than before. we got another 5 sem yOw..

sorry for my BEL (broken english language).. heee even better for the environment.. haha. ok now I'd serve meal for you today. let's watch.

aku nk gak maen skiping mcm dyeorg.. best, style, game ni bole bawak ke sukan olimpik nih..
bile la nak graduate?? tak saba..
monolog ky: result aku sederhana je. syukur xde repeat. : )

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