Monday, May 16, 2011

HTD is not brand Of handphone


when I was 7, I schooled at skpk, sekolah kebangsaan pelabuhan klang, but it not long until I'm 9 my family move to KKB, and I registered as student in year 3.. I got bad result for upsr in school.. but i never blame on teacher coz i realise it's on me and not teacher 100% .

Then, I continue study in form 1 until form 3 in SMKDHK, SMK Dato' Haji Kamaruddin. Here, I got best result for PMR.. yeah!! maybe I've learn from my mistake before.. haha, actually I 've best teacher to teach me and effort of them make me inspired to be better. at this time, the memory was created, about friendship, love and sacrifice.
best students in PMR..

form 4 till form 5, I'm in septechs. Sepang Technical School.. here, I got new knowledges. not for your career only but bonus for your life in hereafter. oh my gOd, at my first day here, I can't be fit in this place. sometime the bad words play in my mind. "why I'm here?","why I chose this school?".. arghhh,. it's annoying.. but after 3 month I can fit with this situation. and I felt that, it's affordable i pay for study here and I can harvest the result in the future.. means, it's seem like an investment for me and I never regret with my ruling.

and NOW, here I'm.. in UiTM segamat, study diploma in investment analysis.. I proud of myself and people who stand behind me to support my life, my ruling, my dream and everything untill now. our laugh and weeping together~

 Happy Teachers Day to all teachers in malaysia.. may Allah bless you~ (HTD)

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