Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ky in da blog

da brape abad aku menyepi, mencari ketenangan mengasingkan diri.
kali ni aku muncul dgn post "ky in da blog"..
wah tajuk mmg ta bole blah..
now, i wanna share what i've did during sem 2 in uitm..

1st, interview for exco nadiia.
yeah!! I got the title now.. syukur ( even penat jd exco)

2nd, join taekwondo club.
after silat i decide to join taekwondo,, and i felt it's better and i can release tension here,

3rd, nadiia's activities.
Agm, kempen JPP, dinner and so much more,, 

next, din, dinn and dinner..
ETC dinner, nadiia, silat, taekwondo, class, kolej, wing.. wow,,, I like dinner..
I eat as much as I can,, haha..

lastly, killer exam
I've to sit for final examination and it's really make me crazy.
especially for eco 162 paper,, arghhh!!!! pfffftttt,,.
ok, stop talking about it.. 

taekwondo dinner

   walk at the street,                                                            
 our 1st filem,,

 secret cake for befday girl, tasha..
she is my grandma,, too young right?
untungla muda.. pakai susuk ni.. hahaha~

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